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In the early days of known history, Shrisaptakotishwar Temple was situated at Divadi Island near old Goa. Due to frequent invasions on Konkan region by Bahamani Sultans in 14th Century (between 1352-1366), many Hindu temples in Goa got destroyed. Shri Saptakotishwar Temple was also destroyed and the Shiva Linga was thrown away in a paddy field. Subsequently King of Vijayanagar defeated Muslim invaders and reinstalled the Shiva Linga (1391).
Shri Saptakotishwar Temple at Divadi Island was destroyed again by the Portuguese (1540).  The Shiva Linga from the temple was kept near a well. The church building was built on the old temple site. One can still see the ruins of the temple at cemetery of “Our Lady of Compassion Church” at Divadi, Goa.
Suryarao” tributary of Adilshah of Bijapur shifted the Shiva Linga at village Narve (1549).
In 1664 Shivaji Maharaj reconstructed the temple and reinstalled the Shiva Linga. The temple is built in typical Goan style. The Shiva Linga is made up of seven metals.
As per Hindu mythology Lord Krishna propitiate Saptakotishwar to get victory over Jarasandha. Every year “Gokul Ashtami” is celebrated at Shri Saptakotishwar Devasthan temple. Pleasant surroundings of temple makes the trip worthwhile.